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The economy will see a downward spiral with banking and investments. No more bailing out the too-big-to-fail big banks and Wall Street. Silicon Valley and the younger generations will come up with innovative bartering, loaning and new cash-trading systems. Photos: Police brutality and environmental racism protest march in Downtown Pittsburgh. All eyes were on Ollie the Octopus who swam happily in Anglesey Zoo in the UK. He knocked down the jar with Hillary Clinton's photo on it. Hillary lost the election. To make these predictions, Lichtman uses a quasi-scientific method he calls the "thirteen keys"—thirteen factors, like the health of the economy and "social unrest"—that add up to determine whether the incumbent can hold onto the White House. Mr Lichtman said although this election was unconventional because of the Covid-19 pandemic and several other factors, he did not flinch on election night when it came to his prediction of a Biden victory, while also acknowledging the mercurial nature of voters. General Pattern: The year card is from the major arcana part of the deck that generally symbolizes energy, change, growth and learning. However, the rest of the cards are all from minor arcana, which symbolizes more balanced energy and low-key day-to-day kind of advice. When most cards are minor arcana, I read that as a hint that the year will be balanced and not too stressful in the long run. Straddling this breach is Allan Lichtman, a history professor at American University, who occupies a more uncertain dominion. Lichtman has predicted the correct outcome of every presidential election between 1984—where he made his first prognostication (a Reagan landslide) in the pages of Washington ian— to 2016, offering the very lonely opinion that Donald Trump would narrowly vanquish Hillary Clinton. Trump has been right on a lot of issues, especially putting America first and supporting our law enforcement along with protecting the unborn. Biden can't even formulate a cognitive sentence. "If you look at Pence and Trump, they're both Geminis, born either side of Mars. So in this election Republicans are from Mars. Make America Great Again– the motto is Mars." Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, in contrast, have their suns making a trine– an angle of 120 degrees. "The Democrats are from Venus this year. Their slogan, Stronger Together, that's Venus," Merriman said. In Roman mythology Mars and Venus were lovers, but the astrologers were not predicting a rapprochement between Clinton and Trump, a romance so cosmically wrong it could tilt the Earth off its axis. - Bill Clinton (42nd U.S. President) - The Election campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Secret of the Black land - antimatter that is growing on the Earth - Clairvoyant/Psychic predictions - New Ebook: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump - The World and USA after US Election 2016. Clairvoyant /Psychic predictions - Clinton, Trump, George Soros, Jacob RothsTEEN, Kellyanne Conway, Robby Mook, Trump Jr. Kindle Edition, - Media Confirmation about shootings and murders in North Carolina (Charlotte protests) as predicted by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova in her Ebook, - Media Confirmation about Angela Merkel's party losses in Berlin Elections as predicted by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova in her Ebook, - Media Confirmation about new Air current in the Sratosphere, caused by El Ni o -confirmed by NASA and predicted by Clairvoyant Dimitrinka Staikova, - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump 's Health Diagnosis - Special preparation about the provocation of the seizure of Hillary Clinton, - New Ebook: G20 - Obama, Putin, Erdogan -Turkish Stream, The war in Syria, Iraq, Daesh, Uzbekistan - Clairvoyant/Psychic predictions Wars in the Space and the Space Business, - Who will replace Islam Karimov (The president of Uzbekistan)? Nigmatilla Yuldashev (Senate Chairman of Uzbekistan) - Clairvoyant/Psychic predictions, - Selena Gomez - Health Diagnosis by Clairvoyant/Psychic Dimitrinka Staikova, - Media Confirmation about a Plot -Preparation for the murder of the President of USA - August 2016 exactly as predicted by Clairvoyant/Psychic Dimitrinka Staikova in her Ebook - Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group) - Caused Accident, Health, Treatment, Business: Space and Space objects on East - Clairvoyant/Psychic reading, - The Earthquake in Amatrice, Italy - Now and Future, Power, Seismic zones, Human intervention and a territory under water - Clairvoyant/Psychic predictions, - Media Confirmation about the Creation of Christian militia, New Crusade and the prediction by The Lady of Fatima and Pope Francis as predicted by Clairvoya. The price of gasoline has gone down and remains low, although it's not past on the consumer at the grocery store. Gasoline price's alone contribute tremendously to everyone rich or poor and can't be lied about! Check out the top psychics in the animal kingdom as they predict the winner of the 2016 US presidential election. Subscribe: Mayor-elect Gainey puts controversial transit project on hold as multi-modal vision of Hazelwood Green becomes more uncertain. The soothsayers of Israel Hayom predicted it would take days or weeks for the election results to become clear in the United States—echoing the projections of more temporal forecasters. They also offered predictions about politics in Israel—where voters might be called on to cast their ballots once again in the coming months. I did not turn the key for the Democrats for the 1994 treaty between Israel and Jordan, a much more important nation than the ones involved in the current treaty. The current treaty has barely made a ripple in the United States. It is hardly mentioned during the campaign even by Trump. Yes, thanks to Demoncrats creating these problems for him cheats! The economy is already recovering! He WILL win and he is a great President, regardless of what liberals think. He has done more for this country than any recent President in my lifetime. Start giving a little credit. He's no perfect man, but then WHO is? Yes, I believe he was correct in all those matters. Trump is a very sharp man. He'sdone a fine job. 1998-2019 Zee Media Corporation Ltd (An Essel Group Company), All. "You lose the incumbency key right off the top, and you're much more likely to have an internal party battle for who will be the nominee to take over from Joe Biden," he said. Conversely, although he stopped just short of making a prediction, Mr Lichtman believes the 2024 presidential vote could be problematic for the Republican party. "It doesn't look like the Republicans have anyone who fulfils the 'challenge charisma key', the once-in-a-generation inspirational candidate, like Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan," he said, pointing to the potential for a power vacuum in the party. How does Lichtman's 13 keys model work? The 13 keys to the White House. My systems is totally different from what 538 does, Nate Silver, the guys at Princeton, their consortium. What they do is just compile polls, and polls aren't predictors. Polls are just snapshots. They don't predict anything. Because polls always change, and they keep changing. They just compile polls. That's why they were so wrong in 2016. My system is based on a theory of how presidential elections actually work. Not just a mindless compilation of polling data. Secondly, unlike any other system, I outline in each of the thirteen keys what has to happen during the course of a presidential term. Third, my system suggests a new way of understanding campaigning. It says campaigning as usual doesn't matter. The negative ads, the cheap soundbites, the attack strategy, the campaign tricks. Exactly! To not factor in anything that has taken place since the South Carolina primary is crazy. So many major issues have occurred since March 2020 that have changed the political landscape considerably. For most Americans, if polls are accurate, that would be a good way of describing a Trump victory. So can the Donald, trailing eight points with likely voters in the latest Reuters-Ipsos poll, defy political gravity and win the White House? His hair, source of so much mockery, actually matches Orion mythology, according to Imsiragic, who said he predicted Trump's implausible rise in August 2015. "He's a giant, even physically, with golden hair.". This crucial update arrives just days after a "mystical" monkey in China, "Geda", planted a kiss on a flat cardboard Trump to make its prediction, according to the Agence France-Presse. In other words, only time will tell who the true prophet is. What to Know About Digital World, the Company Funding Trump's New Social Media Platform 'TRUTH Social'. Winter: Four of Swords. This is a card of adaptability and flexibility. Not only adapting to changing situations in what you do but also when you do it. Timing is important. Watch and wait to time things just right. Adapt your expectations from "I want it now," to "it will come when the time is right." Pushing your agenda may not help. Waiting, watching and going with the flow will help things succeed more easily. Stay chill with traffic and little annoyances. Things will get better eventually. Last point—who benefits from declining a relationship, a troubled relationship, between the U.S. and the Ukraine? The Russians. And by the way, who benefits from Trump's policy in Syria? The Russians. So I think, the things I pointed out in my book, while not specific to these events, certainly explain them. Including my chapter on the Russia connection. Brian Johnson, Washington Football Team's New Hero, Is All DMV. Key 9, Scandal, Trump is only the third American president to be impeached by the full US House of Representatives. Every indication, including statements from Republican election officials throughout the country, indicate that this was a remarkably smooth, full and fair election, and Donald Trump's challenges are entirely baseless, frivolous and dangerous. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn more. Policy change: The administration achieves a major policy change during the term comparable to the New Deal or the first-term Reagan Revolution. Key 1, Mandate Key, because of Republican losses in the midterm elections of 2018. Johnson also dissuaded Pratt from something that was meaningful to her: generosity. Pratt was told not to spend money on others— especially family— because giving it to others would return bad energy. After their phone call, Johnson set in motion a course of treatment that would shape Pratt's life for years. The psychic would dedicate her mind, body, and soul to praying the demons away for hours, sometimes late into the night, and, as she would tell Pratt, at the expense of time spent with her own family. Pratt received instructions to place crystals around her home to ward off negative energy, and to clean them regularly. She should pray and meditate, as well as light incense and ring a gong daily. Those were her plans, but the demons were hijacking all of them. As she prepared to call Psychic Angela, Pratt couldn't see the future. She couldn't have known that the woman she would come to share her deepest secrets with was really named Sally Ann Johnson, and that their business arrangement over the next nearly seven years would lead to an investigation that started with a curious Vineyard police officer and ended with the FBI. And she couldn't have known that Johnson would fail at her goal— to exorcise the demons— despite the more than $3.5 million dollars she would get from Pratt to try. When she first spoke to Pratt, Sally Ann Johnson was in her early 30s, light blond, with a preference for large sunglasses and the high-end pastel clothing common to Florida. Her formal education had stopped at second grade, but she'd made a living in Miami and New York City through her psychic abilities, which she described as rooted deep in her family and American Romani culture. Among the Roma, pejoratively known as Gypsies, psychic and spiritual abilities are seen as God-given gifts that are relatively common among women. Johnson's grandmother and mother were said to have similar abilities. Although Pratt saw only intermittent progress in their first years together, her faith in her healer and friend remained undaunted. She saw no reason to doubt Johnson. Among Pratt's greatest hopes for post-demon living was a "joyous social life." She wanted to travel again with good company, to have new friendships grow, existing ones flourish, and entertain family in her home. As Johnson remained in her life, however, the opposite happened. Once a fixture in her half-brother's family, Pratt would suddenly cancel planned visits. TEENhood friends she caught up with regularly were dropped because of demonic interference with cellphones. She rejected holiday invitations from her niece, who also lived on Martha's Vineyard. "Something that made life meaningful for her was to help people," says Liz Gude, a TEENhood friend who became Pratt's neighbor in Chilmark. But now, in 2006, it was Pratt who needed help. Florida criminal defense lawyers Paul Petruzzi and Beatriz Vazquez would later represent Sally Ann Johnson in court. Petruzzi says he "didn't see any indication from any real source that [Pratt] was incompetent until— at least— the very end of their relationship," after police became involved. (The lawyers were unable to make Johnson available for an interview. Johnson herself didn't respond to an e-mail to one of her businesses and was unable to be reached through calls to multiple phone numbers associated with her name in public records.). Pratt was familiar with what psychics cost. She had used spiritual healers in the past, so paying thousands of dollars didn't appear to faze her. She had the money— and wasn't the happiness of her remaining years worth it? Going into 2011, some five years into her time with Johnson, Pratt remained optimistic she could still be helped, even as her family's doubts grew. "This is going to be a wonderful year for me I think," she wrote Johnson in an e-mail, "and all because of your great efforts.". But psychic abilities in others weren't frightening to Pratt, and her intuition led her to believe that Angela was the person she could trust to restore the promise of her remaining years. Psychic and spiritual healing services can be costly, with some practitioners reportedly earning $300,000 a year or more. A simple tarot card reading in a strip mall may be $25, but prices escalate quickly. A regimen of energy-filled bath salts, necklaces, or candles— often sold by a psychic and meant to aid in battles against negative energy— can cost $1,000. Removing an evil-eye curse costs $2,500. Casting a love spell can go for $12,000. A soul clearing, $20,000. An "image renewal" can run $50,000. Experts say the elderly are often targeted by fraudsters due to common feelings of trust, vulnerability, and isolation. After they first spoke on the phone, Pratt felt confident that the woman she knew as Angela could help turn her life around. The psychic advertised herself as having two decades of experience helping dignitaries and corporate executives to straighten out their lives and achieve happiness. "I have not failed a case yet," she wrote on the Yelp page of one of her businesses. Vera Pratt appeared to brush the concern aside. "This gal is wonderful, and I don't mind giving her money," she responded. If she had any concern about the length of the treatment without anything to show for it, she ascribed it to the difficulty of the demons, not an ineffective treatment. Pratt found hope one day when she came across an advertisement in a magazine for a Florida woman who went by the name Psychic Angela. Pratt believed in alternative spirituality and healing. She was interested in Eastern medicine and philosophies. She even believed herself to be mildly psychic, but found the prospect too frightening to pursue. She also continuously left her mark on the world with her generosity. She did so with loved ones, paying the private high school and college tuitions of nephews, nieces, godTEENren— all of whom she doted on. She donated to Oxfam and the American Civil Liberties Union, and bought houses for Tibetan refugees in New Mexico and Maryland. She also helped fund a holistic facility in Washington, D.C., called the Green Cross Clinic of the Americas (later the Center for Natural and Traditional Medicine), which offered herbal medicine and acupuncture on a sliding fee scale. Pratt also longed to fall in love. She never failed to inspire the attention of suitors, but for reasons only she could know, gravitated toward married or otherwise unobtainable men. Heartbreak hardened a belief that she wasn't emotionally confident enough to have a loving partnership, and the subsequent hurt led to a loneliness she was sometimes too eager to fill. The lack of a romantic partner, however, didn't stop her from living an adventurous life. She traveled the world, visiting Europe and Africa, Asia and South America. She learned about Jungian psychology in Vienna. She studied with Timothy Leary, the Harvard psychologist experimenting with psychedelic drugs. She befriended Yule Kilcher, a key figure in admitting Alaska as the 50th state and an advocate for nature conservation. In November 2010, Pratt's older brother, Peter Pratt, raised his concerns in an e-mail after she told him her funds were low. "Unfortunately, it's happened before and will happen again especially as your healer ups her demands as you become more addicted to her calls," he wrote. "Although you always feel this one is special, she's costing you more and more. I hope you at least go for a second opinion before you lose all your friends, family, house and assets. SORRY TO BE DISPARAGING, BUT I'M VERY CONCERNED.". Metro Sports Business Technology Opinion Spotlight Rhode Island Politics Climate Education Lifestyle Arts Globe Magazine Cars Real Estate Events. But in 2006, Pratt decided to finally invest in herself, buying her 3,000-square-foot home in Chilmark and planning to attune her remaining years to her passions. Of her four bedrooms, she dedicated one to canning food and another to meditation. She gave herself an art studio where she could paint more of her Impressionist landscapes. She aimed to spend her days in her garden planting broccoli, lettuce, and strawberries. She would lend her melodic alto soprano to a local choir, take up dancing again, and— after never marrying due to a lifetime of romantic disappointments— perhaps find a good man. Vera Pratt moved to the island at age 70 hoping to find many years of happiness. Then she met "Psychic Angela" and her future got a whole lot more complicated. Pratt's investment in Johnson also went beyond her services and into companionship. Pratt was a reserved person who kept her inner life private— even from family— but here was someone who knew her hopes and despair, her strengths and vulnerabilities, the way a life partner would. Pratt had spent a lifetime longing to share her life with someone and, though a spiritual healer wasn't what she had imagined, now she did. She e-mailed Johnson frequently, and spent hours on the phone with her. Pratt shared updates on her family and friends, about which man in her choir she could imagine falling in love with, and described at length her eating and digestion habits. Most of all, she shared with Johnson her optimism that her demons would be expelled, and her life would be hers once more. "I know we can beat this one. It will just take time and great resolve, and much help from our dear God and holy spirits," Pratt wrote Johnson in a December 2009 e-mail. "I know you have never failed anyone.". Pratt's loved ones were right to have their doubts. One source of Pratt's withdrawal was allegedly, at least in part, Johnson telling the heiress that her family and friends were full of negative energy and couldn't be trusted. The result was that, as early as 2009, Pratt began to depend on Johnson's approval for any social outing, according to interviews and documents filed in court. She wouldn't consider having her family over for Christmas dinners, or going to choir practices, unless Johnson said it was OK. (Petruzzi disputes the allegation that Johnson separated Pratt from her family. He says, instead, that it was the family's longstanding lack of approval of Pratt's beliefs that caused distance.). More from magazine: "You don't understand, Captain. He has a gun": The hijacking of Flight 1320. Pratt's personality appeared different, too. On walks with her friend Liz Gude, her tone of voice and laugh seemed to change. Sometimes what she said made little sense, leaving others uncertain how to respond. She began talking about little else but her demons and "Angela." Pratt sensed the change herself, but seemed unable to attribute any of it to Johnson's influence. "I felt a hurt, that I do not have such loving friends now— that it seems these days I am not a woman people look forward to being with," she wrote in an e-mail. Money was safe when it came to Johnson's payments, however. Pratt was instructed to send wire transfers to bank accounts under several different names. Johnson maintained a number of businesses, and also went by the names Sally Reed and Angelia Johnson. Sometimes Pratt made out checks to Johnson. Other times the psychic escorted Pratt directly to Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank to withdraw cash to pay her fees. Dutiful in her gratitude, Pratt obliged. Johnson even had her name added to Pratt's American Express credit card account, and used it liberally, spending at least $20,000 on entertainment and jewelry alone, according to prosecutors. Pratt paid the bills, but they were adding up. By February 2011, she was surprised to find her funds running low. "I hadn't really looked at all I was giving you," she wrote in an e-mail to Johnson. Still, she said she wanted to keep working together. According to a government sentencing memorandum, nearly two years later, in December 2012, Johnson asked Pratt for somewhere between $125,000 and $175,000. "What [Johnson] asked for to deal with demons was too much," Pratt confided in her diary. "Apparently, I am getting very low on Pratt's family began to worry if the deterioration of her mind was putting her at risk of being taken advantage of by her psychic. In the best of times, Pratt could be unquestioning about the people she gave money to. In fact, past psychics had exploited her financially. "Anybody could make an appeal and it could be valid," Gude says. Pratt rarely spent that amount of money on herself, even if she easily could. She was the great-granddaughter of Charles Pratt, a partner at John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company, whose fortune in 1891 was estimated at $20 million, the equivalent of $576 million today. Although Pratt was an heiress with a sizeable trust, she never felt comfortable with her wealth. Driven instead by a seemingly bottomless generosity, she preferred to enrich others— family, charities, refugees..


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