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Parents of suspected Michigan school shooter taken into custody. CNN fires Chris Cuomo for helping brother deal with sexual misconduct claims. The footage shows a masked man taunting the doomed men, who are cuffed behind their backs. He violently grabs their hair and points a gun at their faces while interrogating them, asking their names and other information. Surrounding the men are other armed Los Tiacos henchmen. Former US senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole dies at age 98. The letter Z painted on a hill near the Monterrey-Torreon freeway, referring to the Zetas drug cartel. Photograph: Tomas Bravo/Reuters. Fat bear with sagging belly caught on camera. 'Sister, Sister' alum Marques Houston and wife Miya Dickey welcome baby. In the case of the Facebook victim, one is faced with an even more basic problem when trying to identify her. Based on the non-descript wasteland in the video clip, it is almost impossible to establish where in Mexico she was killed and therefore which local authorities are responsible for investigating her murder. Mexico cartel blamed for car bomb in escalating drug war. Drug violence has killed more than 30,000 people since President Felipe Calderon launched his army-led crackdown on drug cartels in December 2006. Despite capturing and killing a string of top gang leaders, the government is under pressure to contain the violence and show that Mexico, an oil exporter and major emerging market economy, is still a safe place in which to invest. Daily newsletter Receive essential international news every morning. 2021 BBC. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking. The terrifying clip shows Mexican cartel gangsters lined up on their knees and taunted, moments before they are executed. How Bangladeshis are lured into slavery in Libya. As social unrest explodes in French West Indies, chlordecone is key to the crisis. "Irresponsible" was the word used by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, about the social network's policy permitting the video to be uploaded. After a day or so of impassioned debate on both sides, Facebook reversed its decision and took the video down. He recounts a story he has written about in the past in which a woman in Nuevo Laredo, said to be an informant, was allegedly beaten to death by the sadistic former leader of Los Zetas, Miguel Angel Trevino or "Z-40", in front of an assembled group of corrupt policemen, sending out a clear message not to cross the cartel. John Goodman continues to show off 200-pound weight loss. Lula, Brazil's popular ex-president, battles for 2022 political comeback. El Chapo's beauty-queen wife gets three years for helping run murderous cartel. 6 Comedian Nick Cannon announces death of young son. Trump's former chief of staff risks criminal charges in Capitol riot probe. The footage of the massacre was released Wednesday and is part of the increasing violence in the southern Mexican state of Geurrero, reports said. Take international news everywhere with you! Download the France 24 app. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Severed heads on display In apparent attempts to terrorize those who oppose them, the gangs have placed severed heads on public display with threatening notes including one that read, "See. Hear. Shut Up. If you want to stay alive.". Jonah Hill adds to his tattoo collection in NYC. Best products from the Amazon Surprise Premium Beauty Deals event. REUTERS - Fifteen bodies, all but one of them decapitated, were found early on Saturday in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco as drug violence in Mexico intensified. In the most gruesome case, gunmen burst into a nightclub and rolled five heads onto the dance floor. In 2005, a homemade DVD purporting to show four Zeta hit men being beaten and interrogated, and one of them being shot in the head, was sent anonymously to the Kitsap Sun, a newspaper in Bremerton, Wash. The footage shows the men sitting bruised, bloody and bound. Prodded by an unseen interrogator, they detail how they TEENnapped, tortured and killed their enemies, including a Mexican radio reporter and a Nuevo Laredo police chief. Eleven federal agents were charged with TEENnapping the four men and possibly helping kill them. Three of the men on the video were never seen again. Reporting by David Schwartz, writing by Alex Dobuzinskis. .