Sample recommendation letter for graduate nursing program

Educate patients about self-management of acute and chronic illnesses, tailoring instructions to personal circumstances. Recommendation letters are almost always required as part of the fellowship program or college application process. It is a good idea to get at least one recommendation from someone who is familiar with your academic performance. This person can speak about your desire to learn, your ability to pick things up quickly, your achievements, or anything else that shows you are serious about your education. is a consumer group that publishes online college rankings along the dimensions that matter most to online students themselves: affordability and credibility. All of our information is sourced directly from college and university websites as well government websites such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our mission: Educate– Advocate– Protect! Schweitzer, Karen. "Sample Recommendation Letter From Teacher." ThoughtCo, Aug. 26, 2020, ranks Rush University (Illinois), University of South Carolina, Johns Hopkins University, Ohio State University and St. Xavier University (Illinois) at the top of its list of online graduate nursing programs. ThoughtCo is part of the Dotdash publishing family. Focus on relevant strengths: leadership, ability to be a team player, and interpersonal skills. Examples from a former direct supervisor give credibility to assertions in the letter. Schweitzer, Karen. (2021, February 16). Sample Recommendation Letter for Graduate School. Retrieved from. I am proud to recommend a beloved student, Kaya Stone, for your fellowship program. I was asked to write as one who has functioned in the capacity of an employer of Kaya, but I would first like to say a few words about him as a student. Our NIH-funded graduate program has an outstanding group of faculty mentors whose research expertise lies in many areas of target and drug discovery. The training faculty not only hold an appointment in the Department of Pharmacology, but are also affiliated with many other programs across the School of Medicine. All of our training faculty are dedicated mentors who foster a diverse and inclusive research environment that is key to the success of our training program. In addition, the diverse backgrounds and experience of our trainees greatly enhances our training environment. Over 40 students are pursuing doctoral degrees in the department at the current time in addition to the larger group (~400) of Ph.D. candidates who are training in other graduate programs at the School of Medicine. The following Fall (2003), he enrolled in my Early TEENhood Education (ED 211) online course and continued his above-average performance, earning a final score of 87, B+. Throughout both courses, Stu consistently submitted his work on time and was an active participant in the discussions, engaging other students, and sharing practical examples from his experience as a parent. Ivy League MOOCs - Free Online Classes from the Ivies. Not every school requires letters of recommendation. You can often get by without one at some online schools and even brick-and-mortar schools that have more relaxed admission requirements. However, schools with highly competitive admissions processes (i.e. the ones that get a lot of applicants but don't have classroom space for everyone) use recommendation letters, in part, to determine whether or not you are a fit for their school. This recommendation letter was written by a former employer for a job applicant. Employers look for applicants who know how to achieve goals and objectives; this letter will catch an employer's attention and might help to move a job candidate to the top of the pile. How to Get Recommendation Letters for Grad School. Kuther, Tara, Ph.D. "Sample of an Effective Grad School Recommendation Letter." ThoughtCo. (accessed December 8, 2021). Whether you're applying to business school, medical school, law school, or another program, scholarship, or fellowship, most graduate school applicants are going to need two to three letters of recommendation that will be submitted to the admissions committee (along with your undergraduate transcripts, standardized test scores, essays, etc.) as part of the application process. In this case, the student is applying to an online graduate program and the professor's experiences with the student are entirely in online courses. Considering this purpose, the letter is good. The professor speaks from experiences with the student in an online class environment, presumably similar to what he will experience in an online graduate program. The professor describes the nature of the course and discusses the student's work within that environment. This letter supports the students' application to an online program because the professor's experiences speak to the student's ability to excel in an online class environment. Specific examples of the student's participation and contributions to the course would improve this letter. Nurse practitioners are the backbone of our current healthcare system—they teach us how to prevent diseases, manage our health, and treat our illnesses. Online nurse practitioner programs offer working nurses and allied healthcare professionals the chance to pursue advanced education. Skyrocketing demand and great pay are fueling interest in the the nurse practitioner (NP) field, especially in rural areas. As an NP, you'll work with patients all day long. You'll assess their health statuses, develop a treatment plan for unwell patients, and follow up to ensure the treatment is working. You may work with other medical professionals if your patient's treatment requires it. Most healthcare careers are projected to grow at least 20% and nursing is no different, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The NP field shows exceptionally strong growth and salary potential. According to, nurse practitioners make over $100,000 a year, on average. The opportunity to work set hours is another bonus. Philips Respironics issued a recall for some CPAP and BiLevel PAP devices and mechanical ventilators. Learn more. Most graduate schools encourage you to choose a reference who knows you well. This ensures that their letter of recommendation will actually have substance and won't simply be full of fluff or vague opinions about your work attitude and academic performance. Someone who knows you well will be able to provide well-informed opinions and concrete examples to back them up. Specialized programs may help to adequately prepare students for the licensing and certification examinations that will be required for applying to certain positions after graduation. Students should investigate which schools may offer the best programs by taking a look at the number of graduates that have passed the national certification exam. Tara Kuther, Ph.D., is a professor at Western Connecticut State University. She specializes in professional development for undergraduate and graduate students. Schweitzer, Karen. "Sample Recommendation Letter From Teacher." ThoughtCo. (accessed December 8, 2021). Writing letters may seem outdated, but there are many situations that demand written communication. You may need to write a letter of request, letter of complaint, letter of gratitude and thanks or a letter of concern. Looking at sample letters can make the letter-writing process easier. Letters of encouragement can be a meaningful way of reaching out to professional or personal acquaintances. And, a letter of congratulations might be in order if the acquaintance for whom you wrote the letter of recommendation finds success in their endeavor. Besides expanding expertise and training, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) can boost anticipated salaries as much as. A professional or personal acquaintance may ask you for this type of letter. The document outlines the nature of your relationship with the person in question and why you recommend the person for the job or other need. A letter of recommendation needs to include specific information, and sometimes the person requesting the letter may ask you to mention something specific, such as an attribute or a situation that illustrates why he or she is a good candidate. Letters of recommendation need to be detailed and personal. Sending a weak or even damaging letter of recommendation is definitely not something you want to do. Avoid writing anything that sounds less than enthusiastic. Don't provide mere generalities about the person, and try not to sound impersonal with just an overview of facts. Making your recommendation letter another version of the person's resume can potentially create an impersonal letter. Make sure you flesh out your letter so it's engaging, full of insight and more than a paragraph or two long. Karen Schweitzer is a business school admissions consultant, curriculum developer, and education writer. She has been advising MBA applicants since 2005. This is a sample recommendation for a graduate school applicant was written by the applicant's college dean, who was familiar with the applicant's academic achievements. The letter is short but does an ample job of emphasizing things that would be important to a graduate school admissions committee, such as GPA, work ethic, and leadership ability. Notice how the writer includes plenty of adjectives to describe the person being recommended. There's also an example of how the subject's leadership capability has helped others. ThoughtCo is part of the Dotdash publishing family. average of $83,000 per year. Top contenders in the online RN-to-BSN arena include Oklahoma State University, Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences (Tennessee), Rutgers University (New Jersey), Indiana University and Goshen College (Indiana). The letter was written by a direct supervisor. It stresses the applicant's leadership and critical thinking skills, which are both important for this particular degree. Examples back up the supervisor's opinions about the applicant. 1. Create a list of 5–10 individuals best suited to write your recommendation letter First, consider which individuals in your network are most qualified to write you a letter of recommendation. Whom you choose may depend on the reason you need the recommendation. For example, if the letters are for potential job opportunities, managers or colleagues with experience observing and working with you may be able to provide the most valuable insights. If the recommendation letter is for academic purposes, you might seek out counselors or professors who can speak your academic abilities. Avoid selecting family or close friends for this task. Employers are likely to see these recommendations as less accurate or heavily biased. Q. What kind of information does the recommender need from me for the LOR? The LOR is a document that provides the admission officers with a comprehensive insight into your suitable candidature, for admission into the concerned University. The full form of LOR is a Letter of Recommendation. This letter aims at enabling the Admission officers to gain a clearer and favourable picture of your experience, achievements, contributions, and skills communicated by the recommender through the recommendation letter. Your resume (this should contain all your experience in the college/firm). This will help him/her to remember instances easily and write accordingly. Asking a coworker Professional recommendation letters can be effective when submitting job applications. The best candidates to consider asking to write your recommendation letters are managers or coworkers that can attest to your work habits, skills and abilities. You might consider only asking colleagues with more years of professional experience than you. helps students apply to 300+ universities worldwide with free SOP/LOR editing services. To know more details and get a free profile evaluation, check out our counseling page. Alison Doyle is one of the nation's foremost career experts and has counseled both students and corporations on hiring practices. She has given hundreds of interviews on the topic for outlets including The New York Times, BBC News, and LinkedIn. Alison founded and has been an expert in the field for more than 20 years. Language requirements differ from university to university. Apart from English, German proficiency may be also required. You can refer to this: While a student at Salitus, Emily maintained a 3.98 GPA while taking a full load of honors classes and seminars. She excelled as the top student in the senior-level Teaching Methods course I teach; her other instructors in our department speak highly of her performance in their classes, as well. In addition to her classwork, Emily was also employed in various positions including teaching a museum program to fourth-grade classes in the Saratoga Springs School District, teaching both adults and TEENren to ride horses, and managing horse show participation for a local riding stable. She accomplished all these tasks with great initiative and with a very positive attitude. Emily has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially the "at-risk" TEENren she worked with at Carroll Hill School and Prospect TEEN and Family Center. Emily has a special talent working with the TEENren who need more guidance and support than those typically found in a traditional classroom setting. Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, reliable, and computer literate. Emily would be a tremendous asset to your program and I recommend her to you without reservation. If you have any further questions with regard to her background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact me. Out of all the formats and samples LOR available online, one gets into a dilemma deciding the right format for themselves. As explained above, there are different types of recommendation letters that depend on the course and the recommender itself. Apart from this, it is also important to pay attention to the formatting and overall hygiene of the document. To help the students with their application process, Shiksha has its own set of guidelines that expedites this process by advising them about the formatting, format, and hygiene of the document. To know more about it, read Shiksha Guidelines for LOR. Shiksha has partnered with India's topmost and trusted loan providers who will assist you in getting an education loan. Find out more! For an Academic LOR - the university's letterhead is required and for a Professional LOR - the letterhead of the company. If you have any other query, drop us a comment below, we'll be happy to help!. Asking a friend If possible, try and avoid asking friends for recommendation letters. It could be possible that your friend can provide an alternate—but useful—recommendation with a more detailed and intimate testimony. If that's the case, ask a friend who can provide an honest assessment of your skills, abilities and experiences, and if possible, is relevant to your position or industry in some way. 10 Tips to Help You Network Like a Pro. University of California Berkley. " Graduate School - Letters of Recommendation." Accessed Feb. 2, 2021. I'm very excited about the opportunity to join Horizon Marketing and am particularly interested in the details you shared about the upcoming launch of the brand campaign. I'm enthusiastic about the prospect of taking on some of the project management and bringing my experience in successfully coordinating cross-functional initiatives to the table. Give some thought to what you believe to be your employee's greatest strengths. In your letter, you should provide: sorry to bother you again but I have worked for him for like 5 months can't he issue me a LoR, and my main question was that, can a proprietorship firm issue a LoR for its employees? will there be any legal problem if one issues? Thanks. The Balance Careers is part of the Dotdash publishing family. Most of the universities require this letter to be on the official letterhead. You can use this reference letter sample as a model. Download the template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online), or read the text version below. FAQ: What Is an Architect? (With Salary and Working Environment). As almost every application necessitates submission of 2-3 recommendation letters, you must have your recommenders identified and agreed to prepare your letter well in time. Also, do not underrate the importance of a LOR as it is almost as important as your admission essays, statements of purpose, resume or any other document for that matter. A Letter of Recommendation is the document that provides credibility to your whole profile as it strong support of your profile from experienced and learned professors and persons. Similarly, while choosing the right recommender, you must remember a few key pointers following which you will end up submitting outstanding LOR's to the Admission Committee. [ institution or company name ]. Part of the application requires a letter of recommendation from someone who can effectively elaborate on my work habits, skills and achievements. Based on our years of experience together, I believe you can help provide an effective, honest, and detailed letter on my behalf. 11 Accounting Field Pros and Cons To Consider. could you please share an LOR given for a dentist from workplace. For most graduate school programs, you'll need several letters of recommendation. The best people to ask for a recommendation include: Learn to write LORs with the help of videos by university experts. One of the many tasks that college professors are asked to do is write letters of recommendation for students and graduates who wish to apply for graduate school. Most professors are more than happy to do this for students who have excelled in their classes or who they know from extracurricular activities or campus activities. Sample Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for MS Courses. i have done my bachelors degree from indira gandhi open university,how can i get a LOR as it comes under..

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